Tuesday, 9 June 2015

ICK Freshlook Turquoise circle lenses from Uniqso [ review ]

So here goes my third review of a pair of lenses from Uniqso, called ICK Freshlook Turquoise.
I just have this tendency to pick lenses that no one ever on the internet reviewed/tried before it seems. :P
The shipping was very slow this time, though the customer service was good and helpful as always.

 this review will most probably be updated in the future from time to time about my experience with them.
ICK seems to be a fairly new brand to me, at least as far as I see their lenses have just showed up at lens stores recently.
I just really liked the pattern of these lenses, although it was daring to try out a new brand, instead of buying good old reliable/comfy EOS lenses haha :P. 
15mm diameter 8.6mm base curve 42% water content 12 months life span
Very natural.
Note that it's not a super bright blue color though; they adjust a lot with different light conditions and can look either dark or light.

: something was really wrong here..eventually I thought they were hopeless so I ended up throwing these lenses away shortly. It seemed like they were a defective pair and also up close one of the lenses was a bit different on its pattern than the other..

They looked very cute on the eyes but the comfort was just too bad. This was the second time I bought a pair from uniqso that was unfit for wear and I don't think I'll ever buy from them again.

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