Monday, 2 November 2015

I. Fairy Moe Moe Brown from ~ REVIEW

And here goes a new circle lens review, I thought I wouldn't buy any for a while now but had to realize it's too boring to live without contact lenses, especially now during these omg halloween lens sales everywhere times

This time I ordered from a store that I stumbled upon while searching for some Kimchi lenses. I knew GEO had their own website with their lenses but I never knew about i.Fairy also having one, it's really cool though because they offer a big stock of lenses, and naturally you can find i.Fairy lenses here for a really good price; perhaps the cheapest online.

Find these lenses here
On my eyes these lenses are definitely on the golden side, they don't look green-ish in any way almost, unlike on those who have dark brown eyes (then they look pretty light green). I really don't mind though, I love gold/yellow as an eye color. + They look really bright.

The dia. size is 16.2 mm and they're really really big. Perhaps they could actually be a bit smaller even.Thus they look really cute, they remind me of big yellow cat eyes. :D

Extremely comfortable.  I was really curious if these i. Fairy lenses could compare to my previous Vassen or EOS lenses. I can't say how long it takes until they start to feel dry because I've never worn them for more than 6 hours and until then they felt very nice.These were perhaps even the most comfortable lenses I've ever had.

Awesome choice, great value, fast shipping - it took like a week to Sweden, instead of predicted 10-18 days ♥ The brightness and the comfort of these lenses are really impressive. 

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