Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Chinese clothes & gorgeous Taobao finds

This post is going to be about some old fashioned yet modern Chinese clothes from Taobao& related photos.~ 
One of my big passions/interest is old ethnic/traditional clothes, and Taobao has so many of this kind so it's a real eye candy~ If you are also interested in or impressed by Chinese clothes & beauties with an old traditional hint you might find this interesting.~

I found it so impressive how many sellers would put all this effort into their work and make such artistic display for their products.
So, Taobao for me is not just the best shopping site ever, but a rather interesting and inspiring gallery at the same time too haha.

Some of these though are not specifically Chinese style clothes but often influenced by modern fashion pieces and other cultures or a mix in between,  as it can be seen.
note: I do not own any of the photos. I included links to the sellers' Taobao stores when I could.

SOURCE:  猫迷森
SOURCE:  猫迷森
SOURCE:  猫迷森
There are many shops on Taobao where I wouldn't ever buy anything for myself but I visit from time to time because I could just look at their photos all day..



SOURCE: 麦叙女装

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