Tuesday, 1 November 2016

I.Fairy Missy Rose Brown lenses review

 So after a while I'm back with a new review, I wanted to do this earlier but just never felt like I had the time because of my current studies. Anyway, here goes my review for the "Missy Rose brown" lenses from iFairy. ~
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I got this pair also from ifairycon.com , it has probably become my favourite lens store lately.
They had a 50% sale on all orders with min. 3 pairs of lenses so I ordered the Missy Rose brown lenses and 1-1 pair from the Poppy series, in grey and blue so in the near future/soon I will have a review up for one of those pairs also! 
~ Diameter: 15mm  Base curve: 8.6  Water content: 45%  Lifespan: 1 year 

They can blend in and they can stand out, it really depends on the lighting.
The rosey pattern is interesting, it looks really cute and makes the color blend so softly with the eyes~ 
I think this pair should look really good on dark brown eyes~

 It's not the best for me, though it's wearable. I was hoping they would be as comfy as my other iFairy lenses so far.   I can always feel that something is really sitting on my eyes, it feels tiring.
Though I must also add I haven't worn them many times, so I will test them again a few times and update this post if I can feel change~

Update: it was bad. I don't know, they must have gotten torn or something. I couldn't wear them, threw them away.
 Overall I really like how these lenses look, the color is bright enough but still blends in softly~
It doesn't turn my eye color into a dull dark brown color but makes it glowy instead~ 
But the comfort was just bad, made this pair unwearable eventually, a shame ~
I wish I tried them on earlier, that way I could have asked the store the send a new pair, oh well~

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