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Colourpop ⛤ First impressions review and Lip swatches ⛤ and demo

So Colourpop is a brand that's hard not to notice if you ever browse some makeup videos on youtube. There is an overwhelming number of 5★ reviews on like 98% of their products, and they are very affordable, plus have a lot of unusal interesting colours and shades, + they are also vegan and cruelty free so I just felt compelled to try some of their products myself~

The shipping to Sweden was surprisingly quick, took just a few business days!
When ordering things from the US usually the shipping to Europe is ridiculously expensive, but with Colourpop it's just like 10$ or free if you order over 50$. 

But first I have to mention that the packaging is so cute~~ 
It's minimalistic but not cheap looking.✨ It's very creative and shows that they care, even if they probably have tons of orders to attend to all the time.

...And now, onto the review~ 

There are like at least 20 more things in their store that I would love to have but I'm not a makeup collector, instead I try to buy things that I can really use, so I 'only' ordered these

3 eyeshadows  1 blush and 1 highlighter  5 ultra matte lipsticks  1 ultra satin lipstick  a black gel liner

 Wattles, Cornelius and Full-zip 
 Aphrodisiac and Lunch Money 
~ Swatch time  ~

 Lunch money: Like it a lot!
A natural looking highlighter, not too dramatically glowy, but definitely shows up well. Especially as the day progresses and my skin gets more dewy, it comes out even more and glowes really nicely. 

 Aphrodisiac: Not what I expected, but love it!
I thought this would be more of a beige shade (as described on their site). Though on my skin the color is definitely more red toned, which is not something I'm after.  But it's not too red so it still looks so great on the skin, I have to admit that ☆ (^ε^) It blends soo softly.~ The colour really pops, and you can build it up easily. Also stays on your skin looking pigmented the whole day. 

 Full-zip: It's good!
I bought this because I wanted a transition shade for blending eyeshadow. This shade is very close to my skin colour, perfect on the lids too. Good pigmentation too. 

 Cornelius: It's lovely!
It's a light/medium, very very subtle, warm toned brown. It also blends very well and looks really soft. As this one is very subtle, it's not that very pigmented, but the staying power is impressive still.

 Wattles: Not exactly how it was described. 
This one was described  as dusty pink shade, however it rather looks like a red or orange based peachy colour, not a soft pink in any way..   kinda sad about that, though it's still a very pretty shade, just that I don't like red or orange shades because they look silly on my pale skin..but this can work really well actually! Must say I'm impressed about how pigmented it is and it stays on like that for the entire day, even if I don't even use an eyeshadow primer usually!  Just like the other shades, blends very easily and softly too. Perfect formula really. 

Next up is their gel liner in black called Swerve and it was a disappointment, but it was just 6$ so I thought it's worth a try.

 the pigmentation is good however you'll need a real thick layer
 it's not creamy at all, just crumbly and waay too dryapplication is really hard
 I used some hacks I found online, which did make the consistency better and I wanted to show a demo how it looks on my eyes but  it was still so dry I couldn't apply it.... Apparently other people (in the reviews) had the same problem too

 Here is a swatch and comparison with 2 other eyeliners I own:

1. Colourpop gel liner in 'Swerve'  2. Inglot AMC gel liner in '77'  3. Neve Cosmetics Ink Me liquid eyeliner in 'Bastet'

 Inglot amc liner
best pigmentation,  just pure black. It's very creamy and easy to spread, very quick to applyBasically bullet-proof, which is also my problem with it, I always have a real hard time removing this off my skin. Once you make a mistake, it's there for a lifetime. Also, I just somehow found it doesn't suit me, makes my eyes look dull.
 Neve Cosmetics liquid eyeliner
is quite new, and it's a fantastic formula,  takes no effort to remove/correct, it's smudge-proof and lasts the whole day. However, takes 2 layers to get the best black colour, the applicator is messy so you need your own super fine brush,  the consistency is not creamy enough so it takes time to apply it nicely. But it's vegan, cruelty free and suitable for sensitive eyes and looks great. My favourite eyeliner.

...Moving on to the lipsticks~ 

Colourpop has an awesome selection of interesting lip colours, both those usual reds and pinks, and also some unusual, dusty and cool colours which I loove way more than the typical "conventional" lip colours. It took some time to pick just a few out of their tons of pretty looking liquid lipsticks, but I'm really happy with the colours I picked!  The descriptions were perfectly accurate for these too. And they look sooo smooth and a new canvas on your lips.

I like to have the luxury of being able to eat and drink during the day without having to worry about smearing my lipstick all over everything, so I mostly picked colours from their matte, transfer-proof collection. Now they are not bulletproof, but indeed stay on suuuper well during the day . 

Arm swatches 
..and some lip swatches~
    Kapow  Midi  Chi   Point zero  Limbo  Avenue (with gloss on top pic) 

 About the ultra matte lipsticks:  pure pigment, dries in a just few seconds so work quick with it! Feels comfortable, not too drying, 90% transfer-proof.

 About the ultra satin lipstick: pure pigment, takes a little bit more time to dry and because it's satin there is minimal transfer. Feels comfy and more moisturizing.

+Tip: Make sure your lips are moisturized and apply some foundation as base on your lips to get best colour pay off 

+Note: Chi and Point zero are very similar in colour, but Point zero is more brownish and a bit darker (and has a different finish of course) 

 Here is a quick demo, wearing Wattles, Full zip, Cornelius on the eyes, Lunch Money highlighter (cheek, browbone, cupid's bow, nosetip), Aphrodisiac blush, Chi lipstick

 I will try to update this post later on with more pictures~


 worth the money?
Definitely. I do not know of any other makeup brand that has such a wide and gorgeous selection, has such cheap prices for such high quality and well performing makeup, and even cheap shipping. Colourpop's just like high-end makeup, but like half the price and cruelty free too.

 would I recommend these products or this brand?
I do not know other liquid lipsticks or eyeshadows that I would recommend as much as these. Perfect formula, long lasting vivid pigments, they are SO good.

 would I purchase more from Colourpop in the future? 
Oh man yes, already looking forward .


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