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Colourpop ☆ First impressions ๐ŸŒฟ review, swatches, demo ๐ŸŒฟ

So Colourpop is a pretty over-hyped brand that's hard not to notice if you ever end up browsing those  endless makeup pits of youtube and instagram. There is an overwhelming number of 5★ reviews on like 98% of their products, and they are very affordable, plus have a lot of unusal interesting colours and shades, + they are also vegan and cruelty free so I just gave in eventually to curiosity and wanted to try some of their products myself~
 2017/Oct/06     So it's been about 3 months since I wrote this review and since then  I picked up some more CP products so I thought I'd write an updated review about these after using them all the time for 3+ months ~
The shipping to Sweden was surprisingly quick, took just a few business days!
When ordering things from the US usually the shipping to Europe is ridiculously expensive, but with Colourpop it's just like 10$ or free if you order over 50$. 

But first I have to mention that the packaging is soo cute~~ 
It's minimalistic, creative and cute but not too cheap looking in my opinion.✨

...And now, onto the review~ 
 So actually since I wrote this review the number of my Colourpop eyeshadows and lipsticks doubled  The updated swatches of all those lip&eye shades will be somewhere below

 Wattles, Cornelius and Full-zip 

 Aphrodisiac and Lunch Money 

~ Swatches  ~

 Here is an updated arm swatch including all the Super Shock eyeshadows, cheek products and Ultra liquid lipsticks that I currently have from Colourpop. 


 Aphrodisiac is a nice trusty blush I can always reach for. Love the muted beige colour of it, builds up&blends like a dream with a blush or buffing brush.
 Lunch Money is my favourite trusty highlighter, love how it's pale and has just a slight yellow pale gold undertone. Though application is best with fingers in my opinion, or with a sprayed brush. It's not glittery heavy looking but quite natural and easy to build up if you want it to be very glowy and more 'in yo face'. See the first original swatch pic above this one for true colour (the pic right above was taken in shade, doesn't represent it well at all, sorry! ) .

I like the formula of most them, except  Cornelius it was a waste of money. It's too subtle, hardly pigmented at all and can only use is at a transition shade. Also,   Wattles , it's a pretty shade, but the colour is not like it was described online. It was said to be a dusty beige pink, instead it looks like a dusty coral red on me. 

Apart from these I really liked the rest of the eyeshadows, they are super pigmented and easily blendable and "buttery", no fall-out and they stay put&pigmented the whole day!

They apply best with fingers, (dry) brushes don't pick them up that well for me. As for the glittery shades 
 Cheap Date and  Cuddle Buddy they apply best with a wet brush. 

I use 
 Brady and  Tang as blushes and they work great for that. 

All in all love the formula, 100% full of pigment, very nice smooth finish, not too drying, dries in just seconds, but note that they are not bulletproof-transferproof. In fact, the darker shades do come off a bit in the center when I try to eat something. 

But anyway, I looove all the colours. 
 Though  Midi is not for me, doesn't suit me much.   Avenue  could work as a fake blood colour if not for the strange bright fuchsia it stains mercilessly when misplaced and needs a strong lip colour remover to get off...and it smudges all the time, it's the least transfer proof of them all. But the colour and finish is beautiful.  Chi though is my all time favourite lipstick, the colour is brilliant, looks smooth and lasts great all day! 

wearing Chi ultra matte lip, Aphrodisiac blush, Lunch Money highlighter (light handedly applied), Full zip, Cornelius


The formula seems a bit different for each satin lipstick, some are more sticky some are less sticky. 100% full of pigment, finish looks great, just a little transfer, and they feel more moisturizing . I love all these shades too, but my most favourite one is definitely   Point Zero

wearing Point Zero, Tang as blush


They are also super pigmented and look pretty cool~ the transfer is actually not bad at all, I thought they would just transfer right away whenever my lips touch something, but they really try to hold on there.

 Only complaint I have about all these liquid lipsticks concerns the packaging. As you can see below the the details and letters and such rubs off quick almost just by itself lol. It looks like as if I've been rubbing these 4 hours a day or something, though they have just standing still in my makeup organizer. 


Next up is their gel liner in black called Swerve and it was a disappointment, but it was just 6$ so I thought it's worth a try.

The pigmentation is okay however you'll need a real thick layer. It's not creamy at all, just crumbly and waay too dryapplication is.. impossible.  Apparently other people (in the reviews on their website) had the same problem too so I guess it was an unlucky bad batch.
 Here is a swatch and comparison with 2 other eyeliners I own:

1. Colourpop gel liner in 'Swerve'  2. Inglot AMC gel liner in '77'  3. Neve Cosmetics Ink Me liquid eyeliner in 'Bastet'

...Moving on to the lipsticks~ 

Colourpop has an awesome selection of interesting lip colours, both those usual reds and pinks, and also some unusual, dusty and cool colours which I loove way more than the typical "conventional" lip colours. It took some time to pick just a few out of their tons of pretty looking liquid lipsticks, but I'm really happy with the colours I picked!  The descriptions were perfectly accurate for these too. And they look sooo smooth and pretty..

+Tip: Make sure your lips are moisturized and apply some foundation as base on your lips to get best colour pay off 

+Note: Chi and Point zero are very similar in colour, but Point zero is more brownish and a bit darker (and has a different finish of course) 


 For the price you get positively high quality products!  Also thanks to the prices you can build up your own whole collection of all kinds of colours, which otherwise would cost a kidney or two to buy from other brands. 
CP products never irritated my skin, and I always reach for their stuff when I do my face.
In all honesty Colourpop is probably my No 1 favourite brand right now. Ok I can't even really afford to try other professional high end brands, but I'm not even interested cause I know Colourpop has like every shade out there for quarter of the price with pretty high quality&reaally pigmented colours ~ 
A huge thanks to the makeup gods for giving us Colourpop! 


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