Sunday, 20 August 2017

CHUU Clothing from Korea review and first impressions~

is brand from South Korea making super cute and girly clothes, accessories etc. 
Thank the gods they have an English website and ship everywhere in the world! They seem very popular world-wide, and I don't know how long they've been around because for me it wasn't until just some days ago that I discovered this brand.~
I could go on forever about how damn cute&adorable their collections are and models unearthly pretty and stuff but I'll mostly let the pictures do the talking instead! 
 Warning for decent amounts of pink 

I love their style soo muuch.    I love how well they combine pink&cute stuff especially with oversized/sporty clothes and make it look so adorable and girly.
Being  someone who pretty much always wears baggy and sporty things and is secretly dying for cute&colorful stuff in general, after discovering CHUU I realized in no time that I will not save up any money this month either thanks to this brand  yolo whatever

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First off, I just had to pick up some stuff from their Strawberry Milk collection.  I wish I could have picked more hah, some other time perhaps. 

 I got their lettering cap, white raglan knit tee, a pair of socks and a strawberry milk box broach.

I'm very satisfied with the quality of the items I got~ Although high quality was something I was expecting/hoping for given that their stuff is not cheap at all :C  

 Also, many of their clothes come in one size only. I am quite petite and they fit me perfectly but you might wanna doublecheck before you order~ Sizing is listed on the bottom of product pics on their site

 I also picked up this  turtleneck long sleeve in both colours from their Love Donut collection because donuts are life. The fabric is kind of thick. Nice and loose fit, so comfy and warm. Really glad I got these~  


The rest of the stuff I ordered are all items from their collection with Esterlovesyou's art, called Esterloveschuu 
Now again they have soo many cute things in this collection too, seriously  


Other than 2 broaches and a sticker sheet I grabbed their ribbon-back cap and their white bunny tee ( pic above) plus this training set in black 

They are all my comfy and soo cute..

The ribbon back cap is also made with high quality, it is not adjustable but has a tight elastic band in it so it fits all. It's also possible detach the ribbon on the back. 

By the way, it took more than 1,5 weeks to process and dispatch my order, though the shipping took just around 3 business days.

All in all, I'm super happy with all the things I got from CHUU.  They definitely made it to my favourite-brands-list. I just wish they were a bit cheaper hah. 
 Overall impression: 

Here are just a few more adorable things from their collections, enjoy~ 


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