Monday, 21 May 2018

Recent days 🌿 update

Taking a little break now from this blog as I just don't really have time. Soon school will be over for me and then I can start putting up 2 new CHUU reviews and also a contacts review for the iFairy Spartax grey lenses and other stuff.  

Had a random craving for this neon lime green hair for some reason so I got rid of my blue-grey split dye and went for it. It's such a cool colour but I was not feeling it on me.. It's a hair colour that I can only pull of with very light eyes but I had no budget for contacts lately, so.....By now I managed to get it out of my hair but MAN was it a tough job..enjoying some cool silver grey hair now though. :3 

 Used Fluorescent glow and Spring green from Directions and mixed with conditioner. The colour turned out really nice, though there is something with Directions formula that it a bit drying for my hair. And by the way fluorescent glow is not just a random name for this shade, it does really have a neon shine :O  [ impossible to capture, pics don't do a justice :C ]

 I'll be back in a few weeks with some more entries here but now gotta run and study for my finals this week~

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