Saturday, 20 June 2015

Vassen Kayo 3 Tone Gray lenses from Loveshoppingholics [ review ]

Welcome to this lens review that is the last for this year and probably 2016! whoo! I will move away from my mom soon and after that I probably won't be able to afford any cosmetic things for a long time... :C
So I ordered these lenses because:
I wanted a pair of lenses suitable for causal/everyday wear
I liked how these weren't just designed a boring grey color, but a mix of light icy yellow and blue.

As for my shopping experience with
● nice value
● huge stock and variety of circle lenses
● reliable information and photos
don't expect much from their communication(you might not get an order confirmation email and such, but you can follow your order's status at the 'My account' page)

14.5mm diameter    8.6mm base curve    45% water content     1 year disposal
I thought there would be more of a yellow action going on lol, it's not a super exciting grey color, but it's still very nice. The yellow-ish part blends in completely with my eyecolor, making it a greenish-grey, thus giving a very natural look.
Great! :O I was really surprised how nice they felt from the first minute I popped them in. I really need to start buying more Vassen lenses it seems! :D The longest period I've worn these was about 6 hours, can't mention any problems!
 Cool! I can't wait to wear these more.


  1. Your blog is so pretty & so are you! ;///; thanks for the circle lenses reviews~ I'm waiting for my EOS Bubble grey <3

    1. Oh thank you very much! (^-^*)ノ No problem, I'm glad if people find my reviews helpful! Hope the lenses will turn out good for you! :D