Monday, 13 March 2017

I.Fairy Poppy Blue lens | review

It's been quite a while, but I finally found some time to review these lenses~
Here's another circle lens review, this time about the Poppy Blue pair~ 


I have previously reviewed the grey ones from this same Poppy series here. They grey ones were a big favourite for me so I was looking forward to trying this pair~ 

 It's a small thing, but I love i.Fairy's design of the lens vials, they look pretty while waiting on my shelf to be opened~ 

 As always, I bought this pair at 
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 [link to lenses&info

 I wanted to do this review before but I feel so busy lately because of the uni. I'm taking two intensive courses, in Chinese and Japanese, then I'm also supposed to become fluent in Swedish asap, plus need to work to get money  uuuh it's too much to do.... Lesson learnt though: one language at a short period of time is enough. 

Had to pick up these pretty bookmarks for my Chinese notebooks from taobao *u*

 Back to the review!

 I was hoping the color would be as opaque as of the grey ones, but these blue lenses are a bit different.
 The grey ones always look opaque, whereas these ones only look so bright and show up well in bright daylight. So if you live somewhere where it's often bright and sunny outside and looking for a pair of intensive blue lenses then these will work. Otherwise they don't stand out on their own as much as the grey lenses. Idk I just find these don't suit me a lot for some reason.
 Here is a comparison between indoor room light vs natural daylight


 The comfort was very good! No complaints at all. +Easy to put in/remove. 

There is not much I can say here, I think the pictures show enough how they look ;D
 These lenses have a vivid shade of blue though it needs the right light conditions to show up. I mostly plan to wear these during spring or summer when it's perhaps not so dark and cloudy outside. The enlargement is nice, and they are comfy to wear.  

Next I'll be reviewing the new Ava Grey lenses from iFairy *u* 

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