Monday, 1 May 2017

I.Fairy Ava Grey lenses [ r e v i e w ]


So here comes a review of a pair of lenses from that I really wanted to try since they released it not so long ago! 

 Info & link to lenses here 

As always, ordering process was smooth and easy with iFairy.

I chose these lenses because they seemed to have a quite light color, which is the major thing I'm looking for in color contacts.~

The pattern it really simple, the colour of the pattern is grey but as it lays my eye colour it looks light green, which I really love! And unlike regular circle lenses, these show up light on the eyes in every light condition, not just pics taken with flash or something.

Also, these lenses look completely natural. They go really well with any look basically. I'm not sure why the pattern is 14.5mm becase they don't have a dark outer rim so there is no enlarging effect.
It's just like your eyes but much lighter *u*


The comfort is perfect, as good as it could ever get with contact lenses I think. I can't feel these lenses on my eyes and can wear them for many hours without my eyes feeling dry or tired. I have worn this pair quite a couple of times so far and can mention no problems with the comfort! phew  

Overall, this pair is one of my all time favourites, a pair I reach for often.  Very comfy, vivid, natural looking, affordable, goes with any makeup. definitely worth buying. 

If you stop by iFairy's webshop make sure to use my code FANNI10 to get 10% off your order!

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