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tutorial: DIY how to make your liquid foundation match you perfectly! - for PALE skin -

If you have pale skin, and a liquid foundation that you love everything about except the colour, then this easy tutorial can help you ~

...So everyone with very pale skin (who wears makeup..) will know the struggle of not finding a foundation that is light enough or matches her/his skintone well.

One day finally uh I started noticing that even if a foundation was light enough for my pale skin it still didn't look right..that error was the undertone!

As for me, basically every pale foundation, cool, neutral or even yellow/warm undertoned ones are still too pink on my skin. This is because my whole face is plain red from acne, and because I have a more specific undertone. The point is, none of the foundations out there have the right tone for my skin...

Those makeup companies who even bother with making foundations with different undertones mostly only distinguish cool and warm undertones, or neutral, but human skin can just come in so many more tones than that.

So let me share step by step what you can do to make your foundation actually suit your skin colour better!

 Observe what undertones you have in your skin

 After taking a better look at my own skin I realized my undertone is something yellow and green. Though my skin's yellow-ish it's not warm at all, instead kind of green! (And I guess that's called an olive undertone..?)

 Get a white foundation mixer

If your foundation is too dark, get a white mixer! It will change your life, no joke. Several brands have such mixers out there these days, like Makeup forever, NYX, Illamasqua, Manic Panic, LA Girl, Body Shop etc.

 Get colouring

If your face still looks off compared to the rest of your body, you probably need to change the undertone. For this I use regular food colouring. And it works!
I didn't notice that it would change my foundation's regular formula or anything.


 a surface for dripping food colour drops 
 paper underneath and paper towels 
 a jar for your new foundation shade  [ a sample jar for instance, you can get one on eBay; do NOT start mixing in your foundation bottle, if you make a mistake you can't correct it ]
 toothpick or a thin brush for mixing
 your foundation
 your white mixer
 food colouring
Here is a comparison between my foundation after some custom mixing and before~
now it's a perfect match for my face.
Before=EsteƩ Lauder Double wear foundation in 1W1 Bone before any shade adjusting


  I have yellow and blue food colouring, and I mix them first to get a drop of green food colour.
  I fill my empty jar with my foundation till about 70% of the jar is full.
  I add some drops of my white foundation and mix them together. I add as many drops as light I want the colour to be. I swatch&compare to my skin colour.
  Now what I am after is more olive tones in my foundation so, I take the tiniest amount of yellow and green food colour. [ Now you'll need to experiment with this part a bit. Just remember to use the tiniest drop because food colouring is pretty intense. ]
  Mix and adjust till I'm satisfied with the colour. I swatch and compare to my skin colour.

 And done! Now your foundation can look like your actual skin colour and your head won't look like an alien part of your body anymore! 
Plus, this way you don't have to mix your foundation every time you put makeup on, you can just reach for your little foundation jar. And you can always easily and quickly adjust the colour again if needed.

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