Monday, 20 November 2017

i.Fairy Jinnie Blue circle lens review

 Now this pair is.  the.  realbomb💣 I feel like I've been looking for these my whole life ohoh.~~ 

So here goes another review of another pair of i.Fairy lenses, they are the trustiest brand I know so these days I only ever buy contacts from them.~


I bought this pair on sale, they only cost 10$ USD.  iFairy has a lot of sales going on all the time on their site, if you check them on those lucky dates you can save some extra money! ~


  So I was really excited about this pair because the colour seemed like a very vibrant and light icy blue colour, so I was hoping it would look the same irl too~ The diameter of these is supposed to be just 14.5mm only instead of their regular 16mm size. I think this size looks just perfect, almost seems just a tiny bit larger than 14.5mm to me ~


Wuut? It's actually perfectly true to the pic on their website?! Dayum. It's a perfect beautiful icy light blue shade, I don't need to say much here, the pics show it all~ soo happyy.   Been looking for circle lenses with this colour for ages. Though I don't know how these would show up on dark brown eyes, but on me they show up great in every light condition. ~


This is the most important part for me personally. Nothing as annoying as finding contacts with a cool colour but not being able to actually wear them. But these are just as comfortable as any other pair of iFairy lens I ever had (only except the Missy Rose brown). 10/10 for me, no doubt.  Can wear them for about 3-4 hours without starting to feel any dryness (which just comes naturally for me anyway)  and they feel super comfy, can't feel them on the eyes! Yay and extra yay  ~


Thisss and the Ava grey pair are the ultimate choice if you are looking for lenses with light colour. The similarities would be that they both look truly pretty, blend in well with your natural eye colour and can wear them with any look. This pair too is just a must have for me. 
Once again a huge thanks to iFairy for making affordable, comfortable and gorgeous lenses~ 

If you stop by iFairy's site make sure to use my code FANNI10 to get 10% off your order!

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