Tuesday, 3 July 2018

CHUU clothing from South Korea review 🍓 part 2

 My second review about my experience with the most adorable South Korean brand CHUU featuring their Strawberry Milk, Peach Cream and Midnight Land collections! 

 CHUU is a South Korean brand that makes clothes and accessories and even cosmetics, and I must say they quickly became one of my fav. clothing brands everrr!
 They are coming out with new itmes ALL the time, though they don't do many restocks so often if an item is gone, then it's gone forever..:C 
 I admit since I wrote my first CHUU review here, I've been hanging around on their website en.chuu.kr pretty often and well it's really hard not to order because everything they come out with is still sooo cuute and perfect. 
 Here goes a review of some adorable stuff I got from them in the past several weeks (ok months  tbh).~

 Milk Sour Sweet Hood Zip Up 
They have come out with lots of new Strawberry Milk items since last autumn/winter and I just had to pick up a hoodie~ I couldn't link this one because it was already sold out! 
Nonetheless the quality and fit is super nice, it's made of a soft but very warm material, it's baggy and comfy and super cute. 

Product photos vs real life pics 

 Strawberry Obsession Tee [link]
Also picked up this tshirt in white&pink, it's cheaper but so cute and nice quality! Love it~~~ 
Also, the cap I'm wearing here is their Very Berry Cap that I mentioned in my first review here, though they even have 3 other caps in their Strawberry Milk line to choose from!

 -5KG Jeans vol.80 [link]
Aaand finally the jeans I'm wearing are their -5KG jeans, it took a long time for them ship this one, as far as I know their jeans are super popular all over the world, and I can really understand why. They are so good quality and so comfy! Can wear them anywhere because it feels so flexible and sretchy and comfy aaand look really cute too.~~ So happy I managed to get my hands on this one! 
I feel like their sizing chart is also accurate on their site, (I bought size 25, I'm 157cm)was worried that these might turn out too tight irl because you never know what you get when you buy online but they fit just perfectly and their measurements were all accurate! The first time I did struggle to get it on lol but it seems it just needed to adjust&stretch a bit after wearing for the first time and then it's all good. They are perfect and I love them :3 

Moving on to their Peach Cream collection..

 Peach Cream Roasted Peach Tshirt & Peach Ade Tshirt
Unfortunately these two were also sold out just recently.. :C 
Again, they look just like the pictures, they fit really well, quality is very nice.. If there are some Peach Cream items 
left that you like I'd suggest you get them right away before they are gone too~

 Peach Milk Cap [link]
This cute cap is still in stock! It's just like the pictures and looks super cute too! duh-uh. :D
This one is shaped a bit better than the Strawberry Milk Very Berry Cap in my opinion. The size is adjustable and you can hide&tuck the adjusting strap in there. Really love this one too, goes with many outfits as well~~ 

Moving on to their adooraabbllleeee Midnight Land collection, which is the newest of all of these, they launched just a couple of months ago.

 Midnight Land Sweet Night Hoodie [link]
This one also looks just like the pictures, it's very soft&warm plus very comfy, fits nice&neatly, just completely happy with one as well!~ 

 Midnight Land Candy Shop Cap [link]
This cap fits perfectly, has a good&complimentary shape, but the only thing is that it's limited how tight you can adjust the strap at the back, I wish I could adjust it just a tiny tiny bit more, just because I prefer to tighten up my caps personally. Still, all in all, super cute design and good quality, worth its price. 

 I honestly love this brand and I've never had a bad or meh experience with them so far, would 100% recommend them. They always ship and package everything neatly, the quality is always great, and everything looks just like in the pictures too. Their prices could be lower, though it's still affordable I think. I really can't say anything bad about this brand apart from their pricing.

Their customer service is also great, they always replied to me within 1 day and have been super helpful with every enquiry or problem I had.

 Note though that they have a long packaging time, can be 1-2 weeks. If there is something in your order that is out of stock they will notify you and send a refund for that item via Paypal immediately.

 They don't only have tons of colourful cute stuff but also casual&everyday style stuff, which I picked up a few pieces of already and I will actually have a third CHUU review up soon about those.^^

 Lastly, enjoy some cute stuff of their recent collections, many of them you can still catch on their website~ 

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